Dear Garbage is a tribute to the little scraps and pieces of garbage in the parks of Berlin. In an afternoon stroll at a park, artists Camila and Wei would collect small objects such as rocks, branches, straws, balloons, bottle caps, receipts and hair bands, then arrange them into little sculptures in situ. The haphazard sculptures are often fragile and camouflaged, living a short life before being destroyed by wind, humans or dogs. They remain captured in the photos and videos in this website.


Camila Makuc

People that move but stay in the same place. People that dive in the deep ocean or fly off to the universe without moving. That is something I would like to learn. Once I heard about a woman that covered her body with a spaceship made of invisible wood and left forever without leaving. Maybe traveling is a state of heart, the price of the ticket is having nothing left to loose. Like some children and all animals.

Wei Tan

I try on clothes pretending they are my skin. I walk around in them, impersonating everyone until there is no sense of self left. Then I discard the clothes, shred the skin, and bask in the familiar emptiness. It would not be long until I try on a new set of clothes again. My clothes are more and more absurd and my skin more and more unlike my flesh. The emptiness is more and more familiar. One day I will swallow my clothes so that my flesh and bones get to wear them too.